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Episode 101


How To Build A Look

Summary: In the barbering business there is a level of professionalism, swag, and uniqueness one must have about themselves to keep their clientele in rotation. Marcus Harvey speaks on the importance of understanding how to be of service in the barbering industry, how to differentiate between a barber and a celebrity barber, and the tools and techniques of mastering the craft of barbering.

Episode 102

How To Build A Team

Summary: Building the team of your company will be life or death in the longevity of your brand. Not only owning your confidence at your shop but owning your confidence with key people on your team will make you a game changer in this business. Having these key members a part of your team will give you the leverage to expand your vision far beyond the chair. Marcus Harvey expounds on the importance of Building A Team

Episode 103

How To Build A Career

Summary: “Higher your money before you higher your people” – Marcus Harvey. From the barber chair to the boardroom, there are key steps that every barber must take to strategically build corporate relationships that will not only advance your business but make sure the ROI is substantial in the corporate world. Every barber is a businessman or businesswoman, it’s all about taking that personality out of the space of the shop to the corporate world to show how valuable you are in various settings.

Episode 104


How To Build A Legacy

Summary: Marcus shares life after the chair and the pivotal move of setting your life up with success by leaving a legacy. It’s more to life than just leaving a shop for loved ones. Marcus gives key tips as to what life after the chair means and why life insurance and other financial securities are important for you and your family.

Episode 105 

How To Build Up Your Entity

Summary: Being a celebrity barber requires a solid physical state of being. Being a boss at home and at work requires a lot of hustle and sacrifice, especially in the absence of loved ones. Being an entrepreneur goes beyond cutting hair in the shop. Your safety net may not always be in your finances but in the relationships you steward. Those are the ones who matter the most. Marcus shares how he nurtures his body and mind to reach his highest performance while balancing his high demand lifestyle.

Registration: Pre-Sale

All pre-sales are final. Guests are able to make a financial commitment before the official launch date in March. Participants will be amongst the first group to receive the Barberstar Masterclass in advance. Guests have the choice to choose the tier level that best suits their business needs and goals. We are excited to have you apart of the official Musa University. 

Tier 1


  • Barberstar Masterclass

  • (1) Free Instagram Profile Breakdown from Celebrity  Barber – Marcus Harvey
Tier 2


  • Barberstar Masterclass
  • (1) 45 min consultation with Marcus Harvey regarding all things branding/business
  • Entrance into the Musa U Online Community: Facebook Group & Monthly Zoom Meetings
Tier 3


  • (1) One hour consultation
  • Entrance into the Musa U Online Community: Facebook Group & Monthly Zoom Meetings

  • Discounted rate on all Barberstar Summits, including the choice of Premium Room availability
  • Discounted rate on Musa U and Barberstar merchandise